Inter-Beingness gatherings

Inter-Beingness gatherings

Inter-Beingness is a virtual space where all kinds of Life Caring activists from around mother Earth gather to be nourished in an international community.

What does "InterBeing" mean? Some words by Thich Nhat Hanh

Together we create a cared and intentional space where we unite from the heart, becoming one with who we are as part of the great web of Life, experiencing the quality of Inter-Being in an almost timeless encounter.

90min of deep sharings and nourishing presence with:

  • Music (5')
  • Guided meditation (10-15')
  • Council circle (sharing freely and equally, advice-free space) (around 45')
  • Tonglen practice (5-10')

We connect with the medicine of silence and stillness, with gratitude, empathy, love, sensing together the collective field, sharing creativity, healing, inspiration, challenges, grieving, joy... whatever that is alive in us in the present moment, just as it is, to nurture each other through the sacred presence. 

Hosted in different languages every time. This month: Portuguese and English.

Join this space if you feel the calling to be a vessel for inner resilience and human harmony along with your community, dear friends and family.

Feel free to register and share the invitation with every being you believe could enjoy this experience. 

This month, Inter-Beingness is a fringe event part of the Day of Transition Practise!

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: INTER-BEINGNESS Monthly connection by Inner Transition Circle. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
A virtual space where we gather to nourish each other through presence and deep listening

Make sure to add and block the event time and link to your preferred calendar or agenda! The timezone we work with is Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), please check your local time in advance.

Time in UTC:

Also, please make sure to arrive on time, we'll close doors at hh:05.

If you'd like to and can support our work financially, please donate by clicking here.

Inter-Beingness Testimonials

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Today, I felt drawn to a question. I yearned for some clarity, connecting threads and ideas to make sense of the whole. I wanted to reflect on the fact that the Transition Movement is sometimes described as a ‘mycelial network’. I wondered why one of the characteristics of the movement
Inter-Beingness virtual circles
Many of us have a longing for sustained inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium between being and becoming, stillness and doing, silence and sound, heart and mind
Connecting and Transforming Culture through Inter-beingness
This is the heavy burden that many of us carry underneath the goodwill and good company that we share as activists. It can feel very lonely…
A space for the heart to flow and express itself
We have celebrated together the power of being virtually united under the light of the sacred within all of Us

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