Inter-Beingness virtual circles

Many of us have a longing for sustained inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium between being and becoming, stillness and doing, silence and sound, heart and mind

Inter-Beingness virtual circles


Inter-beingness: Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no-one to be

A virtual territory where we come together, in body and spirit, sharing how we feel and who we are as part of the great web of life

Many of us have a longing for sustained inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium between being and becoming, stillness and doing, silence and sound, heart and mind: how through committed practices and inner actions we allow our souls to gather beyond ideas, places and identities; beyond body, emotions and thought.

In the heart of every being, lies the potential of infinite wisdom, of what is eternal and most sacred – that which is important for the evolution of the Whole. In these circles we make space to connect with who we are at the depth of our existence and allow a strengthened sense of collective purpose and a real experience of Inter-beingness to emerge.

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Inter-beingness is a regenerative space with an invitation to meet as equals in the richness of our diversity, to resonate with others, to feel nature’s presence through us and so connecting with our true nature; with the common vision and purpose that unites everyone within the wider movement of life caring activism. 

We met for the first time this past 21st of September 2022, vibrating in celebration for the Equinox and in gratitude for the new cycle that begins throughout Mother Earth. It was a very precious space, where from the presence of silence shared during the first 15 minutes, arose a profound field of intimacy and connection that allowed us to share wisdom through our personal experiences about the inner practices that help us build resilience.

The collective feeling was one of warmth, community connection, love, calmness and support. We embraced the value of recognizing how worthy we are to be able to meet across continents to meditate and harvest together the inner joy that bubbles from a collective consciousness of liberation and delight.

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Let’s come together to connect and meet each other deeper at Inter-Beingness.
We hope you feel the call to join us for the next encounters!

Every last Friday of the month.
Always from 3:00pm to 4:30pm UTC.
Please check your local time and help us share this invitation widely. 


We are the Inner Transition Circle, part of the Transition Movement.
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Part of our work is volunteer and most of our paid work depends on donations. If you feel the call to make a ticket donation we’ll be deeply grateful. If you don’t or cannot afford it please don’t feel any pressure. We’ll be really glad to count on your presence and energy.

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