Connecting and Transforming Culture through Inter-beingness

This is the heavy burden that many of us carry underneath the goodwill and good company that we share as activists. It can feel very lonely...

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Inter-Beingness is an online space where we can come together and share how it is to do the work we do, to look the destruction of our world in the face, to feel however we feel, whether that’s the ‘good’ feelings we’re ‘supposed’ to feel – or the more challenging ones we all feel some of the time.

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As we witness the unraveling of the social and ecosystems we rely on, and see the destructive processes that run much of our lives continue largely unabated in spite of our efforts, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by grief, rage or exhaustion. We can tell ourselves that if we just worked a bit longer or harder, just spoke or wrote a bit more convincingly, just came up with the right bright idea… that we could make the difference we so deeply care about. We can tell ourselves that our sadness or hopelessness is not welcome, is unattractive and should be hidden. We can tell ourselves that we have no right to feel happy, have fun or take a break when there is so much to do. 

This is the heavy burden that many of us carry underneath the goodwill and good company that we share as activists. It can feel very lonely to carry it at times.

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In the Inter-Beingness sessions we have created a simple process for whoever shows up to come together, get present and share some of what’s going on with us. In keeping things simple, making room for stillness, welcoming each other however we are in the moment and sharing from the heart, we are trying to model an antidote to the ways that many of us have grown up to expect our meetings and communications to be. We are trying to be the change of culture and of heart that is needed in the world. 

Although it is a short session, it can feel deeply connecting and very sweet to listen from the heart to others who care and are trying to make a difference in the world. We feel it is a small but beautiful offering to those who are part of movements for change. We hope you’ll come and join us!

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Inter-Beingness take place every last Friday of the month from 3:00 to 4:30h PM UTC

Your presence is the most important contribution. 


We are the Inner Transition Circle, part of the Transition Movement.
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Part of our work is volunteer and most of our paid work depends on donations. If you feel the call to make a ticket donation we’ll be deeply grateful. If you don’t or cannot afford it please don’t feel any pressure. We’ll be really glad to count on your presence and energy.

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