A space for the heart to flow and express itself

We have celebrated together the power of being virtually united under the light of the sacred within all of Us

A river flowing through some dark mossy rocks


Inter-beingness is a space that welcomes and nourishes, inviting presence and the power of intention to simply receive whatever comes. We have celebrated together the power of being virtually united under the light of the sacred within all of Us. A place where we can connect collectively with Spirit in a simple, open non-religious frame, and encompass a way that guides us to express through words followed by a period of silence, invoking a moment of “emptiness” from not having, doing or getting somewhere, to simply “being”. How to arrive at the edge of the sea and look at the horizon, how to feel in the lap of the Mother Earth that welcomes us, how to open a vacuum in the speed of everyday life to have new horizons, inspiring homeopathic twelves.

We come together through a welcoming video, meet each other and connect from the different territories around the Earth. Then we share through the depths of silence in a 15 minutes mostly silent and briefly guided meditation. From this field of unity and intimacy we invite a non-jugdmental mind/heart to open the Way of the Council, a social technology to share the joys and challenges we live every day in our personal lives. We share what is alive in us at the moment, after the meditation. We close with a Tonglen practice to collectively transform any burdens felt, and jump into a check-out to help us integrate the emerging processes within.  It is at this time that we feel the result of this warm and profound action, where through the experience we are having, we realize how much hearts open and the most varied expressions of gratitude, understanding or even pain and suffering for a humanitarian cause are allowed. Smiles, interiorizations and even tears arise.

Some of the topics that have inspired the Inter-Beingness space are:

  • What nourishes you and your community?
  • How do you deal with power in your community and what makes it easier to talk about this topic safely without feeling threatened?
  • How do you deal with aspects of vulnerability, and how can these moments be taken advantage of? How vulnerability can be seen and felt as a tool with the power of openness, of getting to know the new, of being open to what you want to achieve!
Group picture in the mist of Inter-beingness

We believe that in this way we are integrating ever more the theme of the subtle presence of Spirit in our actions, thus opening space for the heart to flow and express itself, becoming richer and richer in our diversity of being and Inter-being.

You are very welcome to join any session you feel called to.

Hope to meet you there!

We are the Inner Transition Circle, part of the Transition Movement.
If you have any doubt, please contact us at inner@transitionnetwork.org

Part of our work is volunteer and most of our paid work depends on donations. If you feel the call to make a ticket donation we’ll be deeply grateful. If you don’t or cannot afford it please don’t feel any pressure. We’ll be really glad to count on your presence and energy.

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