Peacebuilding and Practising Transition. Webinar with Root Cuthbertson on July 9th

Peacebuilding and Practising Transition. Webinar with Root Cuthbertson on July 9th
Photo by Candice Seplow / Unsplash

Peacebuilding and Practising Transition is the fifth webinar part of the Conflict Resilience Series, a series highlighting some fantastic resources on the benefits of addressing and re-framing conflict to maintain effective groups.

Tuesday July 9th,2024 · 15:00 - 17:00 h British Standard Time (BST)

During this session, we will exchange insights on how the Peace Principles can benefit both individuals and groups.

We will discuss strategies for enhancing resilience and well-being and explore specific practices that can foster a more resilient group culture.

Root will lead an exercise focused on raising awareness about personal resilience, enabling participants to better support one another.

Additionally, we will share top tips and common pitfalls to avoid when introducing new practices to your group.

Our guest: Root Cuthbertson

Root designs experiential opportunities for learning by creating strong containers for the graceful facilitation of group energy.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education, and certificates in Sustainable Curriculum Design, Participatory Facilitation, and Ecopsychology. He has co-led short courses on regenerative cultures and cultural mentoring for Schumacher CollegeFindhorn College the ALT program in Thailand, and is a certified trainer in Gaia Education eco-social design.  

With his wife Deborah Benham, he has delivered trainings on SociocracyDesigning for Peace, Positive Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, and Culture Repair. He is part of several teams offering weekend programs introducing 8 Shields, and the 8 Shields Institute online courses: “Introduction to Regenerative Community Building,” and "Pathways to Village Building."

With Jon Young and Deborah, he is co-authoring a book on regenerative community design. Former Training Coordinator for Transition Network, accompanying an international community of practice to offer learning opportunities and skillshares for facilitating community engagement. 

He is the co-author and curator of Transition collections on Personal ResilienceConflict Resilience, Group Culture, and Social Justice. 

With his ear to the ground, Root’s guiding question is: “What is most needed here now?”

Gift economy webinar

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Conflict is a hot topic and we want everybody to be able to access these spaces.
Also, please consider making a one-time donation according to your possibilities to honour and support our work, helping make it sustainable.

Additional resources

Root's webinar is highly inspired by his past work on curating some of the Transition Network Conflict Resilience Resources.

Feel free to check them out at your own leisure:

Conflict Resilience Resources - Transition Network

The art~ist

Inspired by the TN Conflict Resilience Resources, Brenna Quinlan (South-West Australia) is the artist who created this art piece:

Conflict Resilience: art piece, resources and interview to Brenna Quinlan
Brenna Quinlan is the artist who created this beautiful art piece around the Conflict Resilience Resources curated by the Transition Network team during all these past years. đź“™Check HERE the Transition Network Conflict Resilience Resources The image Brenna created and the Conflict Resilience Resources are connected to the Conflict Resilience

Part of the Transition movement