Conflict Resilience: art piece, resources and interview to Brenna Quinlan

Conflict Resilience: art piece, resources and interview to Brenna Quinlan

Brenna Quinlan is the artist who created this beautiful art piece around the Conflict Resilience Resources curated by the Transition Network team during all these past years.

The image Brenna created and the Conflict Resilience Resources are connected to the Conflict Resilience Series and the upcoming webinar with Root Cuthbertson (July 9th):

The Conflict Resilience Series
Welcome to a series of free webinars where we take a look at the conflicts we experience from a wide range of different perspectives. Date Time Guests Webinar topic March 14th 2024 12:30-14:00 UTC Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizoso and Theresa Fend Designing for Health: An Introduction to

Interview to Brenna Quinlan, by Eva Schonveld

Where are you based (and, if you like), where were you born - and what do you like best about either (or both)?

Based in Western Australia, born in New South Wales on the East Coast of Australia. I like the forest and the ocean in both places, but the sun rises over the ocean in the east, and sets over the ocean where I live now.

What made you first think you'd like to be an artist?

I've always had a passion for drawing, since I could first hold a crayon. Someone told me I could study art and have that as a job, and I thought that was the most amazing thing.

Do you think the arts have a role in social activism - and if so, what are they best at?

Yes - people can't make change unless they know where they are headed. In every social movement, creatives have helped shift the conversation, tap into emotions, and help people imagine what a new future will look like.

What's your attitude to conflict?

Conflict is a difference of opinion with strong emotions attached. It's our role to learn how to remove those strong emotions, so we can still have differences and stay united.

Did you come across anything specially interesting and/or useful when you were reading your resources - and if so, what was it?

I'm just blown away by the fact that they exist.

What are you happiest about in your designs?

The use of visual metaphor.

Where can people see more of your work?

My website and instagram:

Illustrations With A Purpose | Brenna Quinlan | Australia
Brenna Quinlan is an illustrator and educator specialising in climate justice, sustainability and permaculture.
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Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Thanks for having me on board

Many thanks!

Part of the Transition movement