February Inner Newsletter

February Inner Newsletter

Dear Inner Transition community,

After our regenerative break in January, we're back bringing you:

  • Inter-Beingness invitation
  • Conflict Resilience Series webinar invitation
  • Sharings from the team
  • Inspirational resource


Longing for quality time, authenticity and a calm space to nourish and cultivate resilience in community?

Join us at February's gathering!

This month, Inter-Beingness is taking place on Friday 23rd at 3 pm UTC (Zoom).
Please check your local time in advance and make sure to join on time, as we'll close doors at hh:05 to preserve intimacy.

Hosted in 3 languages simultaneously: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

If you'd like to know more about what Inter-Beingness is, which structure do we usually follow and how did previous participants feel, please check the link box below:

Inter-Beingness gatherings
Inter-Beingness is a meditation and deep listening virtual space where all kinds of Life Caring activists from around mother Earth gather to be nourished in an international community.

Resources, Art and Honest Conversations around Conflict in Our Lives

Attending to conflict can be uncomfortable, but it’s one of the most crucial issues we need to learn about. It is always useful –and can be transformational, as we look more deeply at our own approaches, blind spots and assumptions, as well as hopefully understanding one another better.

We'll be hosting honest conversations with experienced guests who have spent a lot of their time thinking about and working with conflict in different ways. 

Designing for Health: An Introduction to Healthy Human Culture’s 4 Quadrant Map will be the first webinar, happening on March 14th, with our guests Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizoso and Theresa Fend.

More info on the first webinar:

Designing for Health: An Introduction to Healthy Human Culture’s 4 Quadrant Map - Webinar
Designing for Health is the upcoming first webinar part of the Conflict Resilience Series. We’ll be exploring together the 4 Quadrant map, related to the Support inner transformations and Connect and care for each other characteristics of Transition. 📆Thursday March 14th, 2024 · 12:30 - 14:00 h UTC Reserve

We hope you will join us as we explore how to work with very challenging behaviours, with conflict between corporations and communities and much more.

How did we end up with a whole webinar series, conflict resilience resources, drawings and interviews to artists? Discover that here:

The Conflict Resilience Series
Welcome to a series of free webinars where we take a look at the conflicts we experience from a wide range of different perspectives. Reserve your spot at the Webinar DESIGNING FOR HEALTH · March 14th 2024 Why exploring conflict together from an Inner perspective? Attending to conflict can be uncomfortable,

Sharings from the team

🤝 Eva has been involved in the preparation of a Community-Led Assemblies Training and reflecting on ways of careful collective organisation sharing power-with. More information here.

🎲 Zaida and Esther had an interesting conversation on Maha Lilah, an ancient spiritual game of insight and discovery. Watch the recording here.

🤍 Anahí enjoyed The Village of Lovers Global Summit so much. Looking forward to the training Introduction to Love School: Learning to End War to keep navigating these waters. More on that here.

🏵️Andrea is giving birth to her child in the peruvian Amazon forests. Sending her lots of love!

We're so thrilled that the first Inner Transition book has been published in French: Reliance.

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