Designing for Health: An Introduction to Healthy Human Culture’s 4 Quadrant Map. Webinar on March 14th

Designing for Health: An Introduction to Healthy Human Culture’s 4 Quadrant Map. Webinar on March 14th
Photo by Frank Eiffert / Unsplash

Designing for Health is the first webinar part of the Conflict Resilience Series, a series highlighting some fantastic resources on the benefits of addressing and re-framing conflict to maintain effective groups.

We'll be exploring together the 4 Quadrant map, related to the Support inner transformations and Connect and care for each other characteristics of Transition.

Thursday March 14th, 2024 · 12:30 - 14:00 h Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

Live translation will be provided into Spanish and Portuguese.

Healthy Human Culture (HHC) is a set of understandings and practices developed by Sophy Banks that help create relationships, communities and societies where all beings can thrive. It explains why we create harm even when we don’t mean to, and how we can address this with compassionate and effective action.

Sophy Banks was one of the catalyzers of the Transition movement, focusing on inner perspectives and internal dynamics, such as widespread burnout. Her work with the Transition Movement was a rich source of learnings for her development of Healthy Human Culture.

In this short webinar we will introduce one of the key resources: the 4 Quadrant map. This map allows us to track health and unhealth in the different levels of any system, whether that is your community, organisation or family, and identify ways to move towards more health.

NOTE: Please bring pen and paper if available to you.
We invite you, as participant, to agree to show up with care and respect for yourself and each other, to take care of your body and know all of our exercises are optional. Listen with an open heart.

Our guests: Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizioso and Theresa Fend

Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizoso, Theresa Fend
Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizoso, Theresa Fend

Sophy Banks' eclectic life has been guided by an overarching question: what helps humans to create healthy, joyful, life affirming ways of being, and why do we so often not, even when we really mean to? Her current work focuses on two areas which feel vital in these times – recreating practices of shared grief tending, and exploring Healthy Human Culture, the culmination of her life’s journey so far.

Dita B Vizoso is dedicated to regeneration, of people and land. She convenes and holds spaces for deep inquiry and composting. She’s walking and sharing the path where both grieving and joyous hope nourish thriving for self and others. She invites the wisdom of the physical world, of our bodies and the life around us, to support the development and strengthening of return paths to health. Health of culture, of our selves, of the land.  Find out more about her and her offerings here.

Theresa Fend is a facilitator, community builder and climate activist. She is committed to fostering regenerative cultures through collaboration, care and play. Since 2016 she has been working with decentralised networks and international communities. She gives workshops, holds circles, supports the organisation of collaborative gatherings and joins small teams working towards regenerative futures. Find more at her website.

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The art~ist


Andrea Giraldo López (Colombia) is the artist who collaborated to design an image for the idea of Transforming conflict in our groups.

Inspired by the research "Transforming Conflict A Group Relations Perspective" as well as Healthy Human Culture approach, she came up with that beautiful digital drawing.

Part of the Transition movement