April Inner Newsletter

April Inner Newsletter

Dear Inner Transition community,

This month's newsletter arrives packed with exciting news!
Here you'll find:

  • Deep Colonisation-Recovery Circles Transition Practice (April 8th)
  • Voices of Transition Big Give (April 18-25th)
  • Inter-Beingness gathering invitation (April 26th)
  • Day of Transition Practise 24-hours global celebration (27th April)
  • Conflict Resilience webinars invitation: (April 29th and May 15th)
  • Team sharings
  • Connection and support options

Deep Colonisation-Recovery Circles · April 8th

What has been colonised in me?
What can we do about the injustice and trauma in our society and communities?

Eva Schonveld, ITC member, will be hosting a participatory workshop on April 8th where she'll introduce us to the ideas behind Deep Colonisation and we'll have a chance to practice.

More details and free registration in the link box below:

Deep Colonisation Recovery Circles
What can we do about the injustice and trauma in our society and communities? Here we explore the potential of Deep Colonisation Recovery Circles, a way to explore and begin to heal together.

Voices of Transition Big Give · April 18-25th

The environmental movement is very privileged. From the international support system we want to develop and support the Voices of Transition of those that, because of their backgrounds, are less likely to be heard and seen.

More information on the campaign,the project and donations here:

Diverse Voices of Transition
The environmental movement is very privileged. We want to develop and support new Voices of Transition. We will enhance the …

Help us spread around so we achieve the goal to make this movement more diverse and inclusive!

Inter-Beingness gathering · April 26th

During these collective gatherings we foster Inter-Being relationships and environments for a cultural transformation at service of Life. We cultivate our psychological resilience and wellbeing, and explore how our presence, emotions and worldviews can contribute to this perspective shift in embodied ways.

Join us this month to experiment with being truly present in community. You'll find a calm space to nourish and cultivate resilience together.

This month, Inter-Beingness is taking place on Friday 26th at 3 pm UTC (Zoom).
Please check your local time in advance and make sure to join on time, as we'll close doors at hh:05 to preserve intimacy.

Hosted in several languages simultaneously. This time Spanish, German and English.

If you'd like to know more about what Inter-Beingness is, which structure do we usually follow and how did previous participants feel, please check the link box below:

Inter-Beingness gatherings
Inter-Beingness is a meditation and deep listening virtual space where all kinds of Life Caring activists from around mother Earth gather to be nourished in an international community.

Day of Transition · April 27th

Get ready for the global celebration!

This April 2024 we will be celebrating the international movement and the diversity that has come forth under its nourishing umbrella.

The Day of Transition Practise offers fifteen sessions spread out over 24 hours. The Day is an acknowledgment of the incredible work going on in communities around the world and an inspiration for all of us.

Are you joining the party?
Explore and book:

Day of Transition Practise
Transitioners have more than 15 years of experience in community-led change. At times, it was joyful and fun, at times it was hard going. It was always an opportunity to learn and grow. To celebrate and amplify this wealth of knowledge and experience, we are thrilled to host the Day

Conflict Resilience Webinars

The Conflict Resilience Series
Welcome to a series of free webinars where we take a look at the conflicts we experience from a wide range of different perspectives. Date Time Guests Webinar topic March 14th 2024 12:30-14:00 UTC Sophy Banks, Dita B Vizoso and Theresa Fend Designing for Health: An Introduction to

The webinar on Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power with Paul Kahawatte will take place on April 29th at 14:30 - 16:00 h UTC. Registrations are now open!

Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power. Webinar with Paul Kahawatte on April 29th
Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power is the second webinar part of the Conflict Resilience Series, a series highlighting some fantastic resources on the benefits of addressing and re-framing conflict to maintain effective groups. 📆Monday April 29th, 2024 · 15:30 - 17:00 h Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) Live translation will be

Registrations are also open for A Living Systems Regenerative Approach to Human Conflicts with Nuno Da Silva. This third webinar is taking place on May 15th, at 14:00-15.30 UTC.

Through this workshop Nuno will invite us to reflect on our personal and collective challenges as we are called to more consciously work with tensions, conflicts, and inherited traumas to foster deeper personal and cultural shifts, through collaborative co-creative efforts.

Team sharings

Eva has been reflecting deeply on our psychology and our relationship to power and its implications for social change. Read her article here.
Anahí is responding to war with Love. Learn more here.
Zaida was present in her community, in deep care.
Esther listened to the latest episode of The Emerald, Oh Justice, and it felt preciously mindblowing.
Andrea is Living for some time in the Amazon forests with her newborn child and the community.

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