Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power. Webinar with Paul Kahawatte on April 29th

Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power. Webinar with Paul Kahawatte on April 29th
Giulia May / Unsplash

Conflict, Collaboration & Collective Power is the second webinar part of the Conflict Resilience Series, a series highlighting some fantastic resources on the benefits of addressing and re-framing conflict to maintain effective groups.

Monday April 29th, 2024 路 14:30 - 16:00 h Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

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The webinar aim

Conflict is going to show up for any group or project. This session explores some simple, practical things we can do so that when it comes, conflict can strengthen rather than destroy our groups and what we鈥檙e trying to do together.

Our guest: Paul Kahawatte

Paul Kahawatte

Paul is a highly experienced mediator, facilitator and trainer, who has worked extensively in supporting people through conflict, collaborative decision making and the development of collaborative systems. He is one of the World鈥檚 leading practitioners of Convergent Facilitation, as well as mediation based in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Paul draws on numerous other approaches in his work, including Restorative Circles, Aikido, Focusing, Relational Neuroscience and many others. He has worked extensively doing mediation/transformative justice and facilitation in community and social movement contexts, as well as work in deliberative democracy, and has run trainings in the UK, Sri Lanka, USA, Bangladesh and several European Countries.

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The art~ist

Inspired by Working with Conflict in our groups and the work of Navigate, Ena Sutherland (Edinburgh) is the young artist who created this beautiful digital art piece:

Working with Conflict in our groups: art piece, PDF & interview to Ena Sutherland
Ena Sutherland is the artist who created this beautiful digital art around Working with Conflict in our groups. She was inspired by that guide -that you can download by clicking on the box below- as well as the work of Navigate. 馃摍Check and download HERE the guide Working with Conflict

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