The great game of Life: a conversation on Maha Lilah

The game board on the floor, Zaida sitting talking about it

Zaida and Esther, members of the Inner Transition Circle, had a friendly conversation on Maha Lilah, the ancient Vedic game.

Zaida in a Maha Lilah group session

If you're curious about a game that helps practicing compassionate awareness, raising consciousness and bringing some insights to your daily life, we invite you to watch or listen to the video, and check the links and invitation below.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did during our conversation.

A conversation / interview on Maha Lilah with Zaida and Esther

You can activate automatic translations by selecting your preferred language in the video settings. Please be aware that the automatic translations won't be totally accurate, since English isn't Zaida or Esther's first language. Thank you for your understanding.

To know more

Here we share some relevant links for you to explore a bit more:

About Maha Lilah game

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Click on the screenshot to open the brazilian Maha Lilah site
Click on the screenshot to open the website

About Zaida and the community she lives in:

Click on the photo to know more about Zaida
Click on the photo to check Flor das Aguas (Brazil) community website:

Would you like to play Maha Lilah with us?

We got so excited that began planning to offer an online game session.
If you’d be interested in playing the game with Zaida's facilitation individually or in a group, please write to and we'll get back to you.
The languages available for that session would be English, Portuguese and Spanish. Thanks!

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