Good Birth, Good Living, Good Dying. Honouring our elders

Good Birth, Good Living, Good Dying. Honouring our elders

Today we share some wisdom of the recently passed indigenous sacred activist and caravans for peace pioneer Alberto Ruz Coyote.

He was a caravanero of heart, an elder known by his nomadic lifestyle, deep connections and involvement in human rights (civil, cultural, spiritual and social rights), as well as living entities (rivers, forests, seas, deserts, seeds, animals) and systems we are part of (the atmosphere, the biosphere and the Noosphere).

Co-catalyzer of the Rights of Mother Earth movement. A caravans abuelo, especially involved with the Caravana arcoiris por la paz (Rainbow caravan for peace).

I never imagined I would get this far and survive the craziest adventures I have been on or fate has given me to learn to accept both the challenges and the offerings, the most unusual and difficult lessons as well as the happiest, most complete and unforgettable moments of my life.

Alberto Ruz Coyote. Excerpt from his website

He shared some of his lifetime journey learnings in this interview. You can activate captions if needed.

Honoring his soul and journey and all the elders that have walked and will walk on this planet.

They are living examples of Good Birth, Good Living and Good Dying (el buen nacer, el buen vivir, el buen morir).

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