Accessibility: translations and sensory adjustments

On languages

You'll have noticed that we enabled an automatic translation option into as many languages we could to honour diversity and make Inner accessible to as much people as possible.

As part of a global movement, we're in service of social justice. We're doing our best to honor all languages, and nowadays we can’t offer the best quality of translation since we're a small team.

Did you spot a mistake? We encourage you to point out if there’s something wrong in your language (any typo or incorrect wording) so we can correct it. Feel free to contact us at

Would you like to support with translations in a more regular way? We'll be happy to talk. Write us at

On sensory adjustments

There's also an Accessibility button enabled that will help you adjust contrast, saturation; text size, alignment and spacing; pausing animations and hiding images. You can also change the fonts to make them more legible, as well as activating a reading guide, a reading mask or making the cursor bigger.

Please let us know if we can make things easier and smoother for you or if you have any ideas to improve accessibility in an ethical way.

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