This is a test by Esther

It is said that every transition begins with an ending and ends with a beginning. We are death doulas of a world coming to an end, we are midwives of a new world already being born. Which one? We don’t know already, as we build it every day with our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions, with our way of Being in the planet and its ripple waves. 

We are the community of alchemysts who embrace the present moment and live from the courage of love and compassion, who cooperate instead of fighting against each other, who are capable to see the trauma behind the damaging actions, who see the child inside the adult, who trust deeply in mother Earth and all its creatures and feel the connections and interdependencies in our own bodies. 

The big shift starts within. That’s why we focus on the Inner Transition, in a loving community who supports each other with resources, gatherings and events, sharing our thoughts and experiences and safely holding sacred presence to build personal and community resilience and Be truly ourSelves in these exceptional planetary moments for humankind and life on Earth. 

Are you ready to join? You have a place here, you are welcome. And your Spirit, your body, your skin colour, your inner realm, your desires, your fears, your grievances, your hopes, your beliefs… Thank you for Being. 

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